And the Award Goes To…

The jaded old Guv’ner is feeling all shiny and new, thanks to the bodaciously, sex goddessly splendid Miss Catherinette Singleton who knows a thing or two about fabulosity when she sees it. Apparently, I have reached the rank of “fabulous” and coming from the Queen that’s quite an honor, let me tell you. Looky at mah awawd. Ain’t it peachy?

I would like to pay it forward, as it were, to the following lovelies (excluding those already bestowed with the honor naturally – one can have too much fabulous in one’s life after all): Miss KAT ROCKET, Ms. Lady Who Doesn’t Lunch, Monsieur The Idea of Progress, Ms. Leonesse, Ms. Adventures in Self, Ms. Gizmorox and Herr Radloff. Basically everyone I know is fabulous, so there.

Naturally, Pistols is already in possession of the fabulous award and Bert and T. are way beyond the fabulous stage and too busy polishing their balls to bother with such nonsense. Sheesh!


13 Responses to “And the Award Goes To…”

  1. gizmorox Says:

    Wow! I feel so special! I like to pretend I’m fabulous all the time but I never would have guessed anyone else thought so. Thanks, lady!

  2. The Idea Of Progress Says:

    I’m fabulous? Woot!

  3. The Guv'ner Says:

    Well Miss Giz I’ve known was fabu for a long time, naturally, right me old live journal buddeh? Mr. Progress is a recent treasure though I’m sure he has ALWAYS been fabulous!

    I know calling a man fabulous makes him sound like a close relative of Liberace but I’m quite sure you can live that down!

  4. Chris Says:

    Gosh. I’m speechless.

    I feel so pretty now.

  5. The Guv'ner Says:

    Well you SHOULD. And glittery. And I think just for the day you should ride a pink Harley. And make Dagmar take pictures.

  6. Leonesse Says:

    ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, pink and shiny! The Mutterer would be so jealous.

    You gave me what I just wished for, Guv. Does this have anything to do with The Secret?

  7. The Guv'ner Says:

    Which secret do you refer miss Leo? The Guv has MANY secrets. Don’t ask about the chest freezer in the basement…

  8. Ms. Laaw-yuhr Says:

    Oh wow, with all sincerity, I am touched.

  9. The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: Says:

    Thank you so much Guv! I’m honored because this is coming from you, and your writing makes coffee come out of my nose every time I read one of your posts (at any one of your various sites). And I don’t even drink coffee – you’re that funny.

    Anyway… I curtsey to you in the style of Shirley Temple, with pinkies in the air as they hold the sides of my skirt out like a handlebar moustache. (Who knew a simple gesture would be so difficult to describe?)

  10. The Guv'ner Says:

    Ha, Lady. I am like Harry Potter! I can conjure up coffee where no coffee was before! 🙂

    I am much enjoying reading your thingies. And of course you are deserving of FABULOUS!

  11. katrocket Says:

    Thanks, Guv. It’s about time you noticed.

  12. The Guv'ner Says:

    Well I noticed a while ago missy, but I thought verifying it would make your head expand to alarmingly huge proportions. However, I was mistaken as it is already there. HA! 🙂

  13. Bert Bananas Says:

    Better late than never. Thank you for noticing how my balls glisten in the sunlight.

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