Five Paragraphs of Blather

I had all sorts of crazy dreams last night about jumping around on top of train carriages and wielding bananas in a suspicious manner.  The first part I put down to an abundance of Die Hard movie viewings last night (Die Hard 2 and Die Hard With A Vengeance to be exact) and I think all that Bruce Willis did something to reconfigure my brain.  What a badass mofo John McClane is.  It almost made me want to cover my tank top in blood and oil and jump around in elevator shafts today.  Luckily I have some self-control and a built in need to shower regularly.

The banana thing I have no idea about except I like bananas and would have liked to chomp on one.  I do not usually choose them as weapons, preferring instead to go with nunchuks or battery operated chainsaws with interchangeable blades.

So hi!  How are you all?  Is everyone ok?  Nice and fruity?  Hanging in there?  My life’s been 25 kinds of crazy lately but I think I’m doing ok now thanks to a brand new attitude and a cocaine habit.  Haha, sorry I’m kidding.  My attitude’s as nonchalant as it ever was.

I have decided I like trees.  There is a severe drought of trees in NYC unless you’re in Central Park or similar areas.  Since I am not in NYC at present there are trees everywhere and I like them.  I think it may tie in to the banana thing because maybe I am a monkey.  In any case I am mesmerized by the trees.  Although I did just see “The Happening” the other day and my love affair with trees did dissipate for a moment.

I think that concludes today’s entry about nothing.  I’m back, but I never claimed to be interesting.


11 Responses to “Five Paragraphs of Blather”

  1. mspuddin Says:

    why would you make a decsion so strong as to say “I like trees?” what is this nonsense? NO more cocaine for you missy!

  2. The Guv Says:

    I think I might have been abducted by aliens and turned into a damn hippy.

    Actually trees seem more like a serious dope habit or maybe the big H. Coke is too speedy for trees. A coke habit would entail an obsession with fighter jets or bob sleighing or something involving high octane energy and kicks.

  3. dopeypants Says:

    Your peeing-on-trees habit hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  4. gnugs Says:

    I don’t know, I’m a bit more concerned that your body needs more nutrients–and not of the powedered kind–than of your love affair with trees, you hippie… WELCOME BACK!

  5. The Guv Says:

    My body gets plenty nutrients. It had cake only this afternoon! Home made cake. And well it had real food too. Although I’d be happy to live on cake though I wouldn’t be fitting through many doors in about a month.

    Peeing on trees helps them GROW, foe.

  6. pistols at dawn Says:

    I wish you weren’t such a hippie, tree hugger.

    I guess tree hugging’s better than what I usually do to them…

  7. CDP Says:

    Actually, that WAS rather interesting. And now I wonder where you are, if not in NYC

  8. The Guv Says:

    Oh Pistols, you love my hippy tree hugging ways. Actually, I just like seeing things that aren’t concrete which is a nice change for me. I don’t ask for much.

    Miss CDP. I am actually on the Moon watching you. The Moon that has…trees. Ok maybe not.

  9. Bert Bananas Says:

    About the “Banana” thing…

  10. Falwless Says:


  11. The Guv Says:

    Actually Mr. Bananas I thought of you when I wrote that. You are truly everywhere.

    Miss Fal: High at 11am? Tsk. You are my hero.

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