Journey Pie

I think someone should pay me for this research.  It’s the truest data ever gathered.  I dedicate it to Pistols.  It’s the “True Breakdown of Journey’s fan base” Pie.  Yes, it’s a slow day.  So?


19 Responses to “Journey Pie”

  1. Red Says:

    I’m totally in the blue section…and oftentimes in the red. Journey is awesome.

  2. pistols at dawn Says:

    Journey totally is awesome. Secretly, you love them too – you’re just not brave enough to admit it.

  3. teri Says:

    and did you see the new lead singer? He’s Asian like and has the same high voice as Steve Perry. Too weird.

  4. Bert Bananas Says:

    Yes, I have journey on my iBerry. I was going to say that I’m not ashamed to say so, but that’s only because I’m mortified.

    Probably because I still don’t know what “We’ll in the Sky” is about.

  5. suze Says:

    Excellent – I’m smelling like cheese! I hope it’s not Swiss as I don’t like it and it’s all holey. Not that I’m not holy, just not that holey. Oh what the hell ever – I’m CHEESE!

  6. gnugs Says:

    So thats what that smell is! And here I thought some stinky ex had left some gym socks somewhere is my car.

    And how could you possible NOT be a Journey fan? Isn’t that like not like Scottish people?

  7. The Guv Says:

    You American types are so odd in your musical tastes. I swear. Journey is a whole level of cheese I just can’t reach. You’re all quite bonkers.

  8. dopeypants Says:

    I’m Canadian and like Journey too – don’t forget about us!

  9. The Guv Says:

    you NORTH American types etc., etc.


  10. teri Says:

    you’re just jealous, Guv. Jealous!

  11. The Guv Says:

    Nuh uh. Relieved, Teri. RELIEVED.

  12. dopeypants Says:

    I have this feeling this will become an all-out battle.

    Look, Guvvy, you are just plain wrong. Journey is one of the best bands ever, and if you would subject yourself to them your opinion might change!

  13. Catherinette Says:

    Woman, you should be a baker. You truly make the most wonderful pies.

  14. Katrocket Says:

    Well alright! aaaaalright!!!!


  15. Chardsy Says:

    He does have the oddest love for Journey doesn’t he?

  16. BeckEye Says:

    The wheel of cheese in the aisle keeps on turnin’…

  17. The Guv Says:

    Dopey: Bring it.

    Catherinette: One might say I’m a masterbaker.

    Kat: No more mushrooms.

    Chard: Any love for Journey is odd, no?

    Beck: CHEESE. Screw Journey I’m hungry. Although they are cheese at it’s cheesiest.

  18. WendyB Says:

    Journey was the first concert I ever went to! Where’s the slice for “virgins”?

  19. The Guv'ner Says:

    Wendy: Goddamn. I always miss the important slices! 🙂 Don’t Stop Believing though, lady.

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