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Reason 762 to love Fox News

Reason 762 to love Fox News

I’m thinking it possibly already did…

If you’re bored, over at Space Pie I’m looking at stupid pix I found on my work computer.


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14 Responses to “In Other News…”

  1. Franki Says:


  2. The Guv Says:

    Yup! 🙂

    Ha you must be psychic, woman. I just mentioned you on pistols’ blog not five seconds ago and there you are in my INBOX.

  3. Chris the Hippie Says:

    That’s funny on several levels. Several, of course, being > a few.

  4. The Guv Says:

    Hahahaha! I know! I also like the perplexed look on the guy’s face! HA!

  5. Falwless Says:


  6. abroad Says:

    I hate Fox snooze.

  7. pistols at dawn Says:

    Wow. That truly is magical.

  8. Alice Says:

    Hilarious! I wish my eductaion was as good as theirs!

  9. The Guv Says:

    Fal: I know. And it’s Fox therefore, fun to gloat.

    Lady: Agreed.

    PAD: uh huh.

    Alice: Mine too. I take pride in my eductaion!

  10. minijonb Says:

    if i watch Fox News i explode into a ball of flaming pissed off, so you’ll have to fill me in on what goes on there. thanks.

  11. Katrocket Says:

    That’s awesome – plus the fact that the anchorman looks like a Muppet.

  12. The Guv Says:

    MiniJon: I don’t watch it either but this photo makes it almost watchable! 🙂 If only for laughing at their ridiculousness.

    Kat: All their anchors look plastic. They must have stocks in orange tan powder or something. It’s freaky how over orange everyone is on there. Um…not that I watch it ever.

  13. dmarks Says:

    “They must have stocks in orange tan powder or something”

    This guy looks sort of simian. I think you mean orangutan powder, not orange-tan.

  14. The Guv Says:

    DM: You are correct! I think most of the FOX staff are rather orangutan like in appearance although I have a feeling that’s doing a disservice to orangutans…

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