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Star Trek In “The Buttock Shooters”

October 27, 2008

Here’s a heartwarming (Or should that be buttock warming?) little story for you this fine Monday, that came to my attention through FARK. Seems drive-by shootings have progressed to sail-by shootings. My favorite line is the last one: “…he was having further tests done to see what kind of projectile was lodged in his buttocks.” you know, in case that gun was firing skittles or puffer fish.

Here is my suggestion of how it all went down, kindly demonstrated by the cast of Star Trek.

"We're ready for your dastardly sail-by shenanigans, foe!"

“We’re ready for your dastardly sail-by shenanigans, foe.  Bring it!”

"Jim, I've been hit.  Squeeze my breast. No, harder!  Ha ha! I'm kidding. It hit me in the buttocks. What is it, McCoy?"

“AAAH! I’ve been hit.  The logical thing to do would be squeeze my breast. No, harder!  Actually joke’s on you, because I was hit in the tooshie.  It feels like someone fired a Klingon right up my poop chute.  What is in there McCoy?”



"I think I found the real culprit, Spock."

“Is there something you want to tell us?”

I knew I’d eventually work those photos in a post somewhere.  Who knew it would be over an article on buttock shooting.  Bon appetite!