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Apparently There Was An Election

November 5, 2008

So Senator Obama is the new president of the United States!  Congratulations to him and his crazy supporters for staging the biggest rock concert campaign on Earth, ever.  Let’s hope he brings some positive change.  He’s certainly a reason to hope so, anyway.


I thought Senator McCain might cry during his concession speech or at least refer to Obama as “Osama” or something equally bitter and twisted, but it turns out he’s classier than that.  Nice speech too.


I was sort of hoping Obama would come out and do his victory speech shirtless, a hooker on each arm and hoisting a keg over his head while yelling “BOOOOYA!!!!” but you can’t have everything I guess.

Me, I had beer or seven though, HELLO!

Thought while watching victory rally: No one’s assassinated Jesse Jackson  yet, how can that be?

In other news, while watching CNN’s coverage I noticed Wolf Blitzer can’t find a real chick who’ll talk to him so he decided to beam up a hologram one instead.


One minute she was totally standing in line in Safeway and the next…CNN.  Why they did this I do not know because it wasn’t exactly compelling viewing.  I mean she didn’t even have on the Princess Leia gold bikini or anything, which would’ve been awesome and spiced things up a little.

They did it again later with the dude from the Black Eyed Peas who couldn’t string a coherent sentence together (he wasn’t wearing the gold bikini either, probably for the good of mankind, in his case).


Totally off subject but is anyone else having problems with Yahoo’s mail services lately?  I haven’t been able to access my Yahoo mail in four days.  I can access the account but can’t get into my inbox.  What gives Y?